Globalisation and the effects on Corporations, Governments and Employees


  • Governments

    • Consulting and Training

    WIRE provides consulting, benchmarking and capacity building services to Governments in the region specifically for requirements arising out of signing Free Trade Agreements with developed nations. The team is well versed with international standards and requirements and develops solutions based on country specific requirements which are both sensitive to the needs of the nation as well as sustainable to meet global challenges.

    WIRE engages with the Federal Government of United Arab Emirates on various projects which also involve consulting and training assignments.

  • Corporations

    • Consulting

      Our CSR consultants offer multinational enterprises and local Middle East companies’ standards for conducting business in endurable ways. We perform awareness training and provide consulting for the only verifiable Human Rights standard SA8000 ( WIRE is the authorised agent for the CSR standard GoodCorporation ( in the United Arab Emirates.

    • Risk assessment and third party verification

      WIRE performs Independent External Monitoring for apparel brands manufacturing in the region. Some of our clients are participating companies of the Fair Labor Association ( WIRE coverage for social auditing extends through the Middle East, North and East Africa, the Sub Continent and South East Asia.

      Please click here to receive specific details and methodology applied in conducting human rights monitoring.

    • Training

      WIRE has delivered Code of Conduct and Human Rights Training workshops for suppliers, which have been highly appreciated by our clients.

      We also provide Human Resources Management System verification based on international standards to ascertain if HR policies set in place by companies have been fully implemented.

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    • Advisory services

      WIRE provides advisory services to companies in the region on interpretation and application of labour laws. We assist in developing Employee Hand Books, Personnel Policies, Grievance Procedures and Whistle Blowing policies.


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